Boom Bench

As I mentioned in a previous post. A TQWT speaker I developed for listening to the Miniblok amplifier has been transformed to a bench. The two speakers have been turned horizontally and in the gap between the speakers, in the middle, I built in a small amplifier taken from a set of computer speakers. The speaker cabinets were sandwiched between two MDF boards increasing their vibration damping. The whole thing was mounted on shortened IKEA table legs. A power switch and a mini jack are the only interfaces. Sound is controlled from a iPod.
Listening tests were successful. The Tang Band W4 Bamboo speakers I use are slightly bright, and listening a bit of axis is a good thing for them.
Dimensions of the individual speakers are: Thickness 16mm. Outside dim: Height 114cm, Width 18cm, Depth 26cm. Half depth to center line of the internal baffle is 13 cm and the same distance from the bottom.

And here is the initial Sketchup drawing with a cooler color and setting.
GenevaLab is in for some competition now!


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