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Bass reflex Tang Band W4 speakers

Several years ago, at the beginning of this blog I bough two TangBand W4 1320 four inch, full range speakers from Parts Express. I built some quarter wave horn cabinets to mount them in, described in a previous post. Later they turned in to a Boom Bench that didn´t really work out. Then they went into retirement in a bag full of  speaker damping materials and where forgotten for a few years.

13EM7 Amplifier Building the 6S45P amplifier part two




Then about three years ago they resurfaced and I thought I might as well use them for some small speakers.

I researched Applications of the Tang Band W4 and found a nice, simple recepie in the “Swift” by Emil Attid of the website Nth Audio. The plan calls for a 5.5 liter cabinet with a tuned port at 70Hz. Side dimensions 320mm H x 240mm W  and about 150mm wide – depending on material dimensions. Emil Attid provided measurement drawings, so it was a simple thing to cut up some 16mm birch ply I had available. The nice thing about this design is that you can rip 120mm wide strips of ply and then work out the lengths for the individual components afterwords. A straight forward build, with nice proportions.

I hope its ok, Emil, to repost your plan here.

I made one speaker, glued it up except for one side that I left open to work out what damping I liked. Once I had it sounding nice I put it on a shelf along with the rest of the materials and promptly forgot it for 3 years.

It is a problem that once my initial interest in a project is satisfied, I end up not following through with it. Sound familiar?  I am surrounded by these kinds of projects.

Then, a slow Friday at work I decided I needed to finish the thing. I cut up the strips of ply for the second cabinet and glued them up with white glue. In the intervening years I had used up the rest of the nice 16mm birch ply so this time I went for 17mm MDF for the sides of the speaker. They are going to be finished in paint so it does not really matter.