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Breaking News! DUAL 1019 at TAO of Tubes

Every now and then I drive by a local electronics store, that has a great dumpster in the back.
This time someone had carefully balanced a turntable on the edge of the dumpster. It had the cover on and all the accessories in a plastic bag on the platter. Name said DUAL on a silver strip round the plinth.

I brought it home, and there was a Dual 1019, maybe the German manufacurers best ever turntable, from the late 60´s early 70´s.  It has a beautiful plinth in the original European finish, a 45RPM adapter, and even a record changer. After changing the signal cable from DIN to Phono plugs, giving it a new needle and some general TLC it is making good music in the livingroom. The Good Wife even likes it!
It sounds great. They had just as good sound in the 60´s as we do now!

There was a Shure M44 cartridge mounted on it. Right now I am playing with a Shure M75-6S While I´m waiting for a new eliptical needle for the M44-7.

Here is a guy with a good selection of parts:
DoctorDUAL has a beautiful cromed version

Original advertisement picture: